Epcot updates, Ratatouille ride, and MORE!

Recently I went down to do a behind the scenes report on The Pineapple Explosion, Ratatouille, and updates on the vultures, shark, manatee and more. This post will focus on Epcot, though. More coming on the rest soon!!! So, I came over on the new Skyliner. I LOVE THAT GONDOLA!!!! It is so much betterContinue reading “Epcot updates, Ratatouille ride, and MORE!”

Walt Disney World French bread……. Mmmmmm

OK, so I’m going to put the recipe first. I hate digging through a personal story before getting to the reason I’m there. I’ll do this with all the recipes. Story is at the end, along with locations you can enjoy at WDW. Ingredients: 3 cups water (warm) 1-ounce active dry yeast 8 1/2 cupsContinue reading “Walt Disney World French bread……. Mmmmmm”