Diary of a Disney Bride #2 – Molasses

So, we are now in the second stage of the planning. Getting to know our team. I’m not sure if it’s due to covid, but this is the slowest thing ever. I don’t deal well with slow on things like this. I need to know everything, and I need to know yesterday. How much extraContinue reading “Diary of a Disney Bride #2 – Molasses”

Walt Disney World French bread……. Mmmmmm

OK, so I’m going to put the recipe first. I hate digging through a personal story before getting to the reason I’m there. I’ll do this with all the recipes. Story is at the end, along with locations you can enjoy at WDW. Ingredients: 3 cups water (warm) 1-ounce active dry yeast 8 1/2 cupsContinue reading “Walt Disney World French bread……. Mmmmmm”

Diary of a Disney Bride #2. Let’s talk cost….

The worst part, right? So, let’s get it over with. It really isn’t as bad as you would expect, though. So, due to the literal thousands of variables, I can’t give an exact on every possible package, I am happy to tell you the base range. If you would like an idea for a package,Continue reading “Diary of a Disney Bride #2. Let’s talk cost….”


So, the reason for this post is because I had someone come to me today asking me if they can get paid by me to promote me, by sharing links. Ummmm, no. Let me explain how this works. First off, unless you are someone with THOUSANDS of legit followers (you can see that in yourContinue reading “How?”