March Magic 2021 rules!

So, this is my FAVORITE game every year. This year we are using the 2016 bracket, going old school! All the info and rules are listed here, and we invite EVERYONE to come play FREE for a chance at prizes! Donations are always welcome but will NOT change your chance at a cool prize. 2020 was a CRAP year, so let’s bring back some fun and magic!

First, follow us on TikTok (@realtravelears), Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You only need one, and you can only vote once. Only 1 grand prize per household. In addition, only 1 gift card per household. While you could win both, you cannot multiply them.

How to play – Follow on at least 1 platform. That is where you will cast your vote. You MUST share (publicly) for the vote to count, and you MUST follow us. If you are on Insta, making a post tagging us counts as a public share. On TikTok, duet us with your choice. To win the grand prize you have to do this for every single vote.

You do NOT need to pick a side, but you cannot vote for both. Each day, you may vote for the ECR or the WCR, bot NOT both or your votes will not count at all. You simply comment, or duet the number you have chosen. If you fail to share publicly as described above, your votes will not count.

Prizes – There are TWO sets! The halfway mark, and the finals! For the halfway mark, IF you have played every day you will win a Disney gift card (amount to be determined), and for the finals IF you have played every day your household gets 10% off a Disney vacation anytime in 21 OR 22!!! Remember – playing means SHARING as well as VOTING. BOTH must be complete.

On the grand prize – This offer is open to new bookings only.

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