Epcot updates, Ratatouille ride, and MORE!

Recently I went down to do a behind the scenes report on The Pineapple Explosion, Ratatouille, and updates on the vultures, shark, manatee and more. This post will focus on Epcot, though. More coming on the rest soon!!!

So, I came over on the new Skyliner. I LOVE THAT GONDOLA!!!! It is so much better than the buses. If you have ever been, you know. If not, please let me explain. The buses are very much like a city transit. You wait and line and get on as soon as there is space. Now, with covid-19, that meant a change. Now you get on based on seats (it used to be sardine level squish), and how many in your party. The buses used to be about every 20 minutes. Now they seem to be moving faster if there is ANY line. Anyway, back to Skyliner. It loads fast, then you do transfer, but even that is fast. You are not crammed in with anyone other than your party. However, please DO NOT ride this is you are afraid of heights or if you will pass out if you see a gator in the shore below.  I wish I were kidding. But, I digress…

The Skyliner brings you right into the World Showcase entrance. When you arrive it is a quick 2 minute walk directly to the single most “Grown up” part of any Disney park.  Currently security is a walk through very specific metal detectors. Then a pass by a few sniffer puppers. Remember, you CANNOT pet them, that causes issues. 

As soon as you walk in at the International Gateway, you are at the area between France and UK. Here’s the sneaky part. If you go down the bridge towards France it is still not clearly marked where the new Ratatouille ride is. You need to stay along the water front on the SIDE (not front) of the France pavilion. Back in the very corner is where you might catch a peek. I’m sure once the ride opens to the public (current unannounced date is mid-March), you will find it fairly easy. 

When you get on the ride, you are transported to the size of a tiny flea on a rat. You actually feel very small as you zip and zoom through Gusteau’s Kitchen. Be careful NOT to get stepped on – or worse…. caught by the staff. You will zip and zoom under the ovens (yeah, it’s VERY warm), and try to help Remy. I really CAN’T tell you more but you will love this if you like the original immersion rides. If you have been recently, think similar to Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway. The ride is pretty similar. 

So, on to other changes. The 50th anniversary is this year. October 1st, to be exact. Because of this, they are making huge changes to the park. First, the main entrance no longer has those (sorry, but I speak my thoughts.) almost alien photo walls. Instead it has some beautiful pillars. (The purpleish pink picture)

As you head towards The Land you will notice the Character Stop and shops are being completely torn down. It was very emotional to not see Baymax happily waddling towards guests. To no longer see the San Fransokyo murals, billboards and posters. However, what is coming is going to be so AMAZING! Disney is preparing for the long haul on Covid and Social Distancing. They are taking NO chances in having someone’s happiest memories get trashed. 

You can start to see changes IN the Land as well. The Seagulls outside Nemo are happy once more. The plants are popping and stunning. I will go more into Nemo in another post.

Anywhoooooo – Enjoy part 1 while I work on part 2. As always, thank you for your support and being there! This will be exclusive until February 15th, at which time it will become part of my blog. Keep making wishes, and dreaming! 

If you want to see pictures, feel free to join my Patreon account!

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