Diary of a Disney Bride #2. Let’s talk cost….

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings

The worst part, right? So, let’s get it over with. It really isn’t as bad as you would expect, though. So, due to the literal thousands of variables, I can’t give an exact on every possible package, I am happy to tell you the base range. If you would like an idea for a package, please contact DFTW. Please be really careful setting a budget based on what ANY third party tells you. I used a form that supposedly would tell me my estimate, and it was $3200 lower than it should have been.

So, mine is going to cost about $8500. We decided Walt Disney World, as it has the most options for our guests. Mine includes Luau Beach for the ceremony, Living Seas Aquarium for the reception, as well as two Germany Patio dessert parties. My guest count is about 30. We are doing the room block, with a travel agent we picked.

Prices for Walt Disney World range anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000. Prices for Disneyland range anywhere from $2,600 to $150,000. Prices for Hawaii range $5400 to $25,000. Prices for Disney Cruise Line range from $3,500 to $10,000.

If you want a basic idea range for YOUR day, start by picking your starting point. Then go check the venues. Pick your top 3 favorites, and make note of each venue fee, and minimum.

Let’s use mine as the direct examples. Please, take a look here if you have questions, or just want to see what sections I am discussing. So, the location has a total event minimum of $5,000 – $15,000. The venue itself is $2500, taking half the event minimum.

Our reception is a brunch at Living Seas Salon. That has a venue fee of $700, plus a minimum of $2660, based on guest count. Each dessert party has a venue fee of $325, and a minimum of $250.

For the ceremony and reception, the minimums can be filled up with flowers, Food, drinks, entertainment and transportation. For the dessert parties, food and drinks.

Feeling lost? It’s ok. Let me break it down this way –

$5000 Event Minimum
$3160 Food and Beverage minimum
minus $4600 venue fees

I now have to spend $1800 on transportation, décor’, etc. to reach the event minimum. That honestly won’t be hard between floral for events and the wedding party, décor and such. I think we are likely looking at more we will be paying.

I now have to spend $3160 on food and beverage minimums between the reception and 2 parties. We have a total of 32 guaranteed to be going to a party, in addition to the reception. 3 people going to both parties. That’s about $100 per person. When Disney gets the menu from you, they price it based on a per-person cost. We budgeted $140 per person just for the reception. We had the guests opt in to paying for the party, that way they had the choice and we wouldn’t get hit with the cost if they decided not to go.

If you take a look at a sample lunch buffet menu, you can see how that can hit that cost quickly. You do get to pick your own items, and are not locked in to what they have. You have a wide range to pick from, so everyone is happy.

So, can you have your dream wedding for ONLY $5,000? Well, no because taxes and tips do not count toward the minimum. However, for pretty close, you can! Pick a venue with a minimum of $5,000. Look at reception versus dessert party. Plan the venue costs into that $5,000. If you are exceeding your budget, think about what changes you can make to drop back some. Smaller bouquets? Skip the floral lined isle? Change from full reception to cake ceremony, or even a dessert party?

DON’T STRESS! If you are concerned about your budget, as most of us are, plan an extra 25%. This will cover taxes and tips. If you don’t go over your planned amount (you will know with the contract how much you are paying) then you will also have extra to spend on FUN!

I have created a NO SALES facebook page where you can get questions answered without people telling you to buy things. Feel free to come ask and answer questions.

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