Magical Misfits Social Club

Have you heard of Disney Social Clubs? Well, we have. We have picked up the challenge to start one! We are working on the logo, but please take a read!

Basic info – To be a member you need to pay dues (listed in the dues section), you need to do approved community services (listed in the what we do section), and you need to follow the rules (listed in rules and requirements section). In return you get swag and perks like discounts! Interested?


MMSC is a Disney Values social club. We are committed to keeping the spirit of Walt alive. All are welcome to join, so long as the requirements and rules are upheld. There will be get togethers (on skype or something until covid chills), and interactions with other members. We will be doing community service projects, fundraisers and more.


Dues are used to cover expenses like jackets, patches, venues for events, and things like that. Everyone who pays dues gets voting rights, and perks so long as their membership is valid at the time. Dues are nonrefundable, regardless of the reason you want a refund. Your membership is ONLY active so long as you pay, and does NOT auto renew. However, you will get a reminder before you expire. If you are kicked out, not only is there no refund, but your status is instantly removed.

Per Person Dues, regardless of ages –
$30 per month
$170 for 6 months (SAVE $10!!)
$300 for 12 months (get 2 months free!)

What we do –

This section is all about the rules and requirements. This is honestly the vital section. If you break even one of these, you are out. and dues are NONREFUNDABLE! These can be amended at any time.

  1. We are NOT a gang, mafia, or anything of the sort. We are a group of Disney lovers. If you try, at any time, to intimidate someone just because you are part of the SC, you are done. No questions asked. No refunds. No exceptions.
  2. You agree to never ever try to use the SC to get more discounts, cut in line, or be an otherwise detestable person.
  3. Respect the cast members, parks, and property. Seriously, you can’t claim you love Disney if you are rude to the CM’s, leave trash around, climb between barriers, fail to follow the rules.
  4. Wear your masks until such time as it’s no longer needed. This is a SOLID rule that holds no matter where you are, if you are in ANY kind of SC gear. We will not have it come back on us that our members buck laws. If you are in public, in SC gear, your mask is on correctly. No exceptions.
  5. Set a good example. This is for all things you do while wearing SC gear. Stand in the correct places, and encourage others to do the same. Help people who need it. Be respectful and kind.

We also do require 30 hours (verifiable) community service per year from every member. Your documents are to be turned in immediately following your year mark(s). We will do assorted local events such as food drives. If you are local you may join up with other SC members to complete the time needed. You need to be sure it’s on the “acceptable” list (posted on the SC page).

Perks and Benis –

Ok, now the fun part. Every paying member will get a jacket when they have paid for 1 year (allow up to 6 weeks delivery, please). The jackets will be baseline, our colors (Midnight purple and black), with the SC name on the back. Patches can be purchased as well.

Paid to travel date members will get a 10% Discount on ALL Disney trips Originally booked through the Dragon’s Lair. This is 10%, regardless of what other discounts may apply, so you could save up to 60% at times! Multi-Member travelers (couples, families, etc.) – ONE 10% per booking, regardless of how many members are on the booking.

Random gifts will be available to members, straight from Disney Parks.

Members will get the option to attend an annual dessert party! You will have to pay for your travel, but the party will be a free event for all paid members.

More perks, random gifts and a TON of fun! Ready to sign up? Fill this out, and be sure you check your email for info on how to pay your dues. Once BOTH are complete, you will be emailed a link invite to our group page.

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