Diary of a Disney Bride – #1

©Disney - Luau Beach and Point

Hey! So, I am getting married at Walt Disney World in November of this year (2021). The first thing I feel obligated to tell everyone is it is NOT as expensive as you would think. Our total is less than a wedding locally, and we will have 5 days of awesome Disney Magic.

This several post series will be to go over all the aspects of my journey. This is the intro post to tell you where we are in the process, and how it’s all going. I will also be telling you all some insider tips you won’t hear from them.

The first thing you need to do is contact Disney Weddings and tell them your desired dates. You need to have 3 in mind when you do. One thing to note is Tuesday and Wednesday are the two least expensive days. Morning is by far the least expensive as well. They will get all the info from you, contact, dates, payment type. Then they send you a contract. Read every word carefully! Sign it and send it back and they will then invoice you for the deposit. It really doesn’t matter how much the total is, deposit is ALWAYS $2000.

We are doing a ceremony at Luau Beach, with Contemporary as our backup incase of weather issues. Because we are doing a morning ceremony, rain isn’t likely the concern, but wind certainly is.

We are having our Brunch reception at Living Seas Salon. We are ALL excited about this venue. It has amazingly stunning aquarium views. Because we have such a small guest list, and most are over 18, we figured this was the best place for an unforgettable party.

We are having 2 desert parties. One for just our wedding party. one for all other guests. Both are going to be in the German Pavilion Patio. I am very excited for these fun, relaxing hang out nights! Oh, and did I mention Grapefruit Schofferhoffer???

Our entire entourage is staying at the Art of Animation hotel. 2 rooms will be Cars Suites, and the rest are Little Mermaid. The BIGGEST little known fact (remember me talking about details matter??) is that the Big Blue Pool has whale songs playing you can only hear under water. Yes, even if we are mostly adults, things like this are freaking awesome! We are getting an awesome deal though The Dragon’s Lair and saving about 30% per room.

That’s the basics. The next several posts will be about my weight loss (I want to loose about 10 pounds a month between now and then). The details as we go through everything with our planners. We are doing a Haunted Jungle Cruise theme, so we will be mixing elements of each into the day.

Remember that while I will be posting here, I will also be adding more pictures to my Instagram and to my Patreon, including some pictures inside the Little Mermaid suites. Please be sure you go follow them as well! Patreon is as low as $3 a month.

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