Title Change

So, after talking to the companies I work with, I have decided to no longer carry the title “influencer”. A large part of my choice in this was hearing all these horror stories (and facing one of my own) with that moniker. It seems that people who use the moniker “influencer” are doing so with major faults. Demanding free things. Demanding businesses pay (in some form) to help promote them.

I’m going Guru. I will be your travel guru going forward. This doesn’t carry the endless negative that using “influencer” seems to carry. Let me tell you a few of these insane stories –

These are the reasons that companies shudder at hearing “I am an influencer”.

*Demanding meals for free to promote a business, but not being a food critic….

* Demanding free travel (happened to me) to promote a travel blog when the person has no clue about travel at all

*Demanding free park tickets to share your links

*Demanding free product to promote your multi billion corp to their 40 followers

So, no. Since I am focused on giving instead of getting, I am no longer an influencer. I am a guru!

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