So, the reason for this post is because I had someone come to me today asking me if they can get paid by me to promote me, by sharing links. Ummmm, no. Let me explain how this works. First off, unless you are someone with THOUSANDS of legit followers (you can see that in your insights), you will do me no good. When you have 5 million people following you, and only 3 actually see what you post, you have shown me your build model on based on fake. That is of NO help.

Second – I don’t get, or give, free things. I do get a percentage commission on travel booked due to my blog. I do accept advance photo purchases towards the next big adventure, giving a set number of unique pictures in return. I do have a paid Patreon account where my subscribers can go see the things the general public cannot. I do sell my pictures through picfair.

In turn, I have media level access to some very awesome behind the scenes and first look things. But travel still takes a LOT of money. In order to keep bringing new and fresh content, I have to make money. I make money by those who enjoy my works sharing. I make money by working a regular job, but have to take unpaid time to travel.

I do not now, nor will I ever PAY for reviews, likes, follows and what not. If people really like my work, they will share it. If it’s not being shared, people just don’t like it. Paying for it causes fake reviews and more, and I am really tired of FAKE. Fake never lasts.

Do I think low enough of myself to think the only way I will make it is to be, and by extension to allow, fake? No. I know my talent. If people fail to see my talent, I will keep all the benefits to myself. (Currently I have a level on Patreon that gives one level gift things for being at the level.) I will keep moving forward.

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