Disney’s Magical Express – Skip or Sit?

Today we are going to talk about Disney’s Magical Express (DME). So many guests don’t know this is a thing. Let’s dive in and decide if we should skip it, or sit! If you have a great travel agent (like The Dragon’s Lair), you already should know about this.

DME is a motorcoach. When you arrive at MCO you follow the signs down to DME pickup. It runs 24/7, and there are a few things to know.

If you arrive between 6am and 10pm you will get royal VIP treatment. DME cast members will go get your bags, and deliver them to your hotel! If you arrive between 10pm and 6am, you will need to get your bags, and bring them with you.

You will use your magic band for the first time, here! When you get to the podium you will scan your band, and they will point you to the line you need to be in.

Once you climb aboard and are in your seat, your vacation has begun! As you leave the airport, you will be able to watch short Disney cartoons and such. If traffic is decent your driver will likely slow for you to take pictures of the entrance gate.

When you arrive at your hotel, the driver will take any stowed luggage out. When you are ready to leave, you repeat this all in reverse! The best part?? It’s FREE!!!

We give DME a SIT!!!

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