Disney World Travel Packing tips!

This post is for the incomparable Michelle, and my Awesome DW! Michelle is a studious packer, like myself, and my DW has forgotten shoes at one point LOL. No matter which, you want to pull a Santa here and check the list TWICE! Be sure to also check the post about luggage and Magical Express.

Put your daily medication in your bag NOW! What I do is use a second bottle with the amount I need starting the day of, and drop it in my carry on the minute I start packing.

The basics – Every person going needs these, however they can be purchased at every hotel (and at hotel prices) if you forget them –


**Toothpaste (take a travel size if you are flying, or they make you throw it out)

**Hair brush, and hair needs like ponytail holders, or gator clamps. But, leave your lotions, shampoo, body wash, mouthwash, shaving cream and stuff behind.

**Disposable razor

If you are a makeup wearer, and are NOT used to the humidity, leave behind anything that runs in the rain. Take your basics, but remember we are in the era of covid, so lipstick is for happy thoughts and won’t be seen.

For clothing, consider that the weather WILL range from cool to hot to rainy in hours. You won’t be able to run back and change, so think layers.

**Shoes should be something you can walk in ALL day (12 hours or more). You also need to climb, and there are gaps, so unless you are fully pro – leave the heels at home. I have seen many a person get hauled out on a stretcher because they forget that heels are great for dancing, not so great for adventure.

**Extra socks! Take a pair with you to the parks if you don’t do well with wet feet.

** POCKETS!!!! I cannot stress this enough. Even though the security lines have morphed, it’s cumbersome to carry a backpack all day, sliding it on and off for rides. Having pockets that velcro or zip closed are the best options.

**Light sweaters!! Remember the layers? You will start your day in a comfy T, it will rain at 3pm, and you will be chilly. Depending on the time of year, the sun may go down shortly after the rain. Either way, the heat follows the sun, so fireworks can tend to be chilly as well.

Plan your clothes to be something you can wear wet without rubbing all your skin off. 90% of the time it rains at 3pm at Disney World. If it rains and you get wet, the humidity will keep you that way until you go on a few fast air rides. Yes, I have planned my rides just to dry off! You can get rain ponchos from most dollar shops, or you can get a great one from Disney (about $11).

Take swim clothes. You may say to yourself “I won’t swim”, then you find yourself at the hotel bored because you brought nothing to swim in. Many a swimsuit has been purchased by DW for that very reason.

This pretty much covers it all. Just be sure that you are packing comfy clothes! We will be doing some videos soon, so be sure you go subscribe at https://www.patreon.com/TravelEars

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