Is Layaway worth it?

If you are looking at an expensive vacation, but don’t have all the money upfront (be real, who does?) and you’re anything like me at all, layaway is the BEST option! The catch? Make sure that the company you pick doesn’t charge a premium for the service.

OK, so the reason I found out about this, way back when, was because I wanted to take my son on a trip for his 4th birthday. (this was back in 2005, when I started). We knew for the three of us it would be costly. My concern was every time we set money aside we would ultimately spend it.

I wanted a way to set the money aside, and pay off my trip a little at a time. There was ONE local company that did that, but they had so many complaints of things going wrong. So, I did the next best logical thing. I called Disney to ask about it. They said the best option was become an agent, and book it myself so that I can do payments and still get a discount.

Now, it’s not free to do all the work needed to become an agent, but it is by far worth it! Anyway, I digress.

There is one company I work exclusively with, because they have been doing travel for over 15 years, and they are Authorized Travel reps for Disney, Universal, Warner Brothers and more. If you want layaway, and willing to put a $200 deposit on your vacation they will be happy to set you up. They will set up a monthly payment plan for you, and you will be good to go right away! Need to cancel? No problem, you will know the refund policy the day you book (or if you just ask). They are happy to help and will go above and beyond to help you out!

If you are looking for a layaway, reach out to The Dragon’s Lair And get an amazing deal. Tell them Travel-Ears sent you and they will give you a discount.

***NOTE*** while they do give me a great discount, they do NOT sponsor my travel. That’s part of why I ask for donation help.

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