Review – Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway (Spoilers!)

Ok, So I am a HUGE fan of the Great Movie Ride. Yes, I was one that cried my eyes out when they announced it would be closed down. I was SO sad about it.

Then I was torn. The first EVER Mickey ride? Could it be anywhere near as good? It would be so hard to beat GMR. So, a little hesitant, off we went.

First thing I noticed were the ride cars. The engine of the train was freaking CUTE! OK, maybe there is hope.

We climbed aboard, pulled down the lap bars, and settled in. Goofy pulled out of the station, and I saw the graphics were AMAZING! Then, the train split apart. I admit, I had a moment of WTF??? hahaha. But I remembered, it’s Disney – we are very safe.

After we came out of the ocean, I looked to the right, and saw Donald driving a tutu truck, as we entered the dance studio. If you have been on the Luigi ride in Cars Land (Disneyland, California) this will seem VERY familiar.

As our train catches back up to Goofy, the awesome special effects are back! Make sure you watch the BACK of the engine. Not an easy task, given how many cool things there are to see.

Was it worth removing the GMR? No. Honestly they have enough room Mickey should NOT have a hand me down ride.

Do again scale : 8/10
Smiles scale: 10/10
Rush scale: 0/10
Longest wait time acceptable: 45 minutes

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