My rating scales

I have simple metrics for my ratings, and they do vary for different things. Here is some information in case you need to decipher anything.

Do again scale : Would I want to do it again? Generally scores are 1-3, if someone new was with me – 4-6, if The line isn’t too long – 7-10 , absolutely! Alone, long line, doesn’t matter

Smiles scale: Is it something I talk about for a while after?

Rush scale: How much Head rush?

Longest wait time acceptable: longest I would wait in line to do it again.

Cost factor – $ means really low, $$ means you may need to save a short time, not likely something everyone can easily rush out to do, $$$ You are paying a decent amount, plan 6 months of savings, $$$$ High dollar once, in a lifetime level (for those NOT rich)

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