Social Disney-ing – Don’t be Pete!

The best way to visit Disney during the madness is with patience. The rules have changed, and you are solely responsible for ensuring you comply before you go. If you disagree with, or feel you cannot maintain the responsible action of following the rules, you have the option of cancelling or moving your vacation at NO cost to you.

Disney has a zero tolerance policy in place. You must wear your masks correctly (covering nose and mouth) at all times you are in a public space. The exception, the ONLY exception is while eating, drinking, or in a mask break zone (clearly marked) and while sitting stationary as such. If you are caught without your mask, or with it on incorrectly, you *might* get a warning, but you need to expect to be removed, along with the rest of your party, from the park or hotel.

There are markers on the ground at all rides, places to grab a snack, and even in stores. You are responsible for paying attention to, and making sure you comply with the markers. This includes stopping AT the line, not after. It includes making sure your children also comply. There are some rows with no markers. Those are meant to pass through, NOT create your own marker and stand where you want.

Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands often. Remember that the child in front of you may have decided to lick the guardrails you just touched. (Saw that happen, and saw an adult do it as well).

Stay sitting while you eat or drink. This is somewhat vital for several reasons. For one, the parks look AMAZING without a bunch of trash. For another, you will likely be scolded to put your mask on, and it won’t be super kind.

Losing your mask on a ride isn’t the end of the trip. Just be 100% certain your shirt is pulled up, and tell a cast member immediately. However, leaving the ride with only your shirt pulled up and no mask is a sure fire way to end your day rather quickly.

It really comes down to common sense. Be polite and follow the rules and all will be awesome!

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